are – あれ

あれ (“a-re”; “That (over there)”)

Japanese differs from English when using demonstrative pronouns (“this”, “that”) in that there is a separate word to refer to an object that is away from both the speaker and the listener (just like Spanish, as mentioned previously).


Let’s add onto our ramen conversation:

A:「 これは辛いですか?」(“ko-re wa ka-ra-i de-su ka?”; “Is this spicy?”)


B:「 はい、それは辛いです。」(“ha-i, so-re wa ka-ra-i de-su.”; “Yes, that is spicy”)


A:「あれは?」(“a-re wa?”; “How about that ramen over there (away from both speaker and listener)?”)


It takes some getting used to, but these words are great for helping understand the context of a sentence in fewer words that it would take in English to say the same thing. Tomorrow, we’re going to have a special word of a similar nature. Keep studying!

PRACTICE: Create a small dialog between two people using これ、それ、and あれ.