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JapaneseLingo.com is on Vine!

Check out our brand new Vine account: JapaneseLingo

We’ll be creating plenty of six second video lessons for you on Vine. Like this one:

If you’re an avid Viner, and you would like to get creative and make your own six second word of the day Vine for us, send us a message on Vine!

Poll Results are In! This Week’s Theme Is…

After tallying the results of the poll (located on the right side of the site), the theme our readers want us to focus on this week is…

Basic Phrases!

There will be a lesson posted today as well. More polls on the way!


Welcome to JapaneseLingo.com!

こんにちは!(“kon-ni-chi-wa!”; Hello!; lit. “This day is”)

Welcome to JapaneseLingo.com! We’re a brand-new site that aims to bring you daily posts to help improve your Japanese language skills! We’ll have posts centering not only on useful vocab, but interesting kanji, figures of speech, grammar tips, and modern slang!

Stick around- you’ll learn a lot!

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