koko, soko, asoko, doko – ここ、そこ、あそこ、どこ

ここ (“ko-ko”; “Here”)

そこ (“so-ko”; “There”)

あそこ (“a-so-ko”; “Over there”)

どこ (“do-ko”; “Where”)

Here are a new batch of words that refer to locations. You’ll notice the similarities between these and the demonstratives we just learned the last few days. Using this pattern really helps you understand distances from participants in a conversation as well as question words. In the next few days, we’ll explain more about how to use these words, but for now, some example sentences:

A: 「モールはどこですか?」(“mou-ru wa do-ko de-su ka?”; “Where is the mall?”)

B: 「あそこです。」(“a-so-ko de-su.”; “Over there.”)

This one is really fun to say:

「ここはどこ?」(“ko-ko wa do-ko?”; “Where are we/what place is this?”)


Try these out!

PRACTICE: Use the words above and make your own location-based sentences.